Performances in theatres and jazz-clubs and international jazz festivals all over Italy, U.S.A., Germany, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Greece, UK, Bulgaria, Turkey, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Canada, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Australia...

Basically a self taught musician and a natural talent, his exposure to jazz began very early with performances by his father, a pianist himself; subsequently studied piano in 1981- 82 at the Siena Jazz Clinics, and in New York with James Williams and Larry Willis, two of his main piano influences and mentors.

Many radio and television interviews and concerts broadcasted by italian RAI, DeutschlandRadio, BayernRadio, Croatian Television, Israel Radio and Television, RIFF (WorldSpace Corporation USA), etc.
Best New Talent in Italy (Rome 1989) in a competition organized by Rome's most prominent jazz-club: the “Music Inn” and Best New Emerging  Jazz Group (Forli' 1990) at the 7th annual Forli' Jazz Competition.

Collaborations with international top musicians like Charles Tolliver, Jimmy Owens, Ray Mantilla, Jimmy Knepper, Steve Turre, Lee Konitz, John Mosca, Tony Scott, Joe Magnarelli, Bobby Durham, Cameron Brown, Ulf Radelius, Kim Parker, Keith Copeland, Virginia Mayhew, Scott Wendholt, Noah Bless, Robert Anchipolovsky, Jure Pukl, Magdalena Reising, Steve Thompson, Alex Eberhard, Shay Zelman, Gilad Abro, Uri Bracha, Gregory Rivkin, Miles Griffith, Paul Beaudry, Aaron Walker, David Pleasant, Larry Willis, Buddy De Franco, Phil Woods, Deborah Brown, Eliot Zigmund, Helen Merrill, Joshua Breakstone, and many others.


Mentor in Jazz Piano at the 2004 edition of “Jazzinty” Workshop in Novo Mesto (Slovenia).
Workshops and Clinics during tours in many countries.

Currently teaching jazz piano privately.
Artistic director of many festival and concerts.


Tony Pancella Trio/Quartet "DICE" (Philology W62) 1990
Tony Pancella & Pierpaolo Pecoriello "TETRACOLORS" (Philology W63.2) 1990
Tony Pancella "BASICJAZZTRIO" (Philology W115.2) 1996
Marcello Sebastiani "SUITE & SONGS" (Splasc(h)) 1996
Tony Pancella BasicJazzTrio “KEEP THIS IN MIND” (YVP 3066) 1998
Mauro De Federicis "MINORISMI" (Philology W 159.2) 1998
Tony Pancella Trio “DIFFERENT STORIES” (YVP 3088) 2000
Miles Griffith & Tony Pancella Trio “ I FOUND YOU” 2003
Larry Willis – Tony Pancella Duet “ALTER EGO” 2006 (Mapleshade Rec. USA)
Miles Griffith & Tony Pancella Trio “SMILE AGAIN” MG Music 2005 USA
Miles Griffith &TP Trio “THE STRUGGLE NEVER DIES!” MG Music 2007
Magdalena Reising Quartet “COMIN’ HOME” 2009
Uri Bracha – Tony Pancella Duet “DIFFERENT LIKE 2 DROPS OF WATER”
Rhythm’n Sing SeXtet “ DIWINE JAZZ” (2010)
Eric Niceberg – TP Piano Duet “LIVE AT PIANO WORLD” (2010)
Moreno Bussoletti “HIMAWARI” (2012)
Daphna Levy “LATE NIGHT JOURNEY” (2013)
Francesca Sortino “Francy’s Kicks” Abeat Records 2015

Tony Pancella "TIME TO TAKE BACK MY SOUL" OrangeParkRecords 2016

"A Certain Attitude" (w.Gregory Rivkin, Matthias Gmelin, Henning Sieverts) 2017

Bepi D'Amato . Tony Pancella

"Duke, Monk & Viceversa" 2018

Gregory Rivkin - Tony Pancella Duo

"MONK'US" 2019


"Special Stories" AdOpen Records 2021 Sweden